Dress Code


Must be sized to fit in traditional, modest manner.

Must not include offensive designs or overt, covert, or implied messages relating to sexual innuendo, alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, or weapons.

Must not be sheer, unless undershirt meets dress code guidelines.

Must not show a bare midriff.

No bra straps or cleavage may be showing.

No tank tops.

Shorts Must:

Measure longer than the tip of the middle finger and/or fall above the bottom of the knee.


May be worn, but t-shirts and/or sweatshirts must be at least finger-tip length to be appropriate over the leggings/jeggings.

Pants and Shorts Must NOT:

Contain writing on the seat of the pants or shorts.

Have holes, rips, cuts, tears, frays, or fringe above the tip of the middle finger.

Sit low enough for undergarments to show above the top of pants or shorts.


Length must measure longer than the tip of the middle finger when arms are fully extended at side.

The top of a slit in a slit skirt must be below the middle finger.

No undergarments or skin may show above the top of the skirt.

No fringe or writing on the seat of the skirt.

Shoes Must NOT Be:

Shower shoes, plastic or rubber slides, or bedroom slippers/house shoes. NOTE: Sandals are permitted, but must have a strap around the heel for safety purposes.

Untied or unsecured; Velcro straps and laces must be fastened.

Worn with the tongue of the shoe outside or on top of the pant bottom.


Body piercing that is distracting is inappropriate for school and school-related activities. Piercing of the face will be limited to the ears only. Gauging of the ears is not allowed. Piercing of the eye area, brow, lids, forehead, scalp, cheeks, nose, lips, tongue, chin or neck is prohibited.

If jewelry presents a safety hazard, it must be removed.


No facial hair of any kind.


Are not permitted anywhere on campus except H/F or Athletics.

Are not to be worn attached to any article of clothing (i.e. not attached to belt loop).

NO visible tattoos permitted. Students will be asked to conceal any visible tattoo.

For full dress code information, please see our district handbook.

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