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Veterans honored with parades, musical performances and special letters from students and staff


Celebrating Our Veterans from SBISD on Vimeo.

Veterans Day is an important day in schools across Spring Branch ISD. Annually, students engage in activities to honor those who have served in the United States military. This year, students were excited to hold parades and concerts and display photos of loved ones who served in the military. Here are a few highlights from around SBISD:

Cornerstone Academy

Veterans engaged in a delicious breakfast alongside students at Cornerstone Academy. 

“We want to honor our veterans in a special way,” said Hayley Buskell, Cornerstone teacher. “This breakfast showcases our gratitude and shows students the importance of the sacrifices these individuals have made for our freedom and our country.” 

The veterans and current service members were welcomed with a banner thanking them for their service and had an opportunity to talk about their military experiences. 

“The breakfast was great!” said Keith Young, a Cornerstone dad and veteran. “It is very nice to be recognized for our service.”

Hunters Creek Elementary 

The celebration at Hunters Creek kicked off with a video presentation thanking all those who have served in the military. 

It was followed by a Presentation of Colors by the Cub Scouts. Students, parents and family members then stood in unison to say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the Star-Spangled Banner. 

“This is one of my favorite days!” said Robye Snyder, principal at Hunters Creek Elementary. “I hope that our veterans feel appreciated through this program. I also want to thank everyone who made this amazing event possible.” 

Students gave history snippets to the audience about the origin of Veterans Day and how the Star-Spangled Banner was born. They also sang a variety of songs including This Land is Your Land, God Bless America and We, the People

During the songs, military branches were announced and veterans from each were encouraged to stand to be recognized. 

The event concluded with closing remarks from Heidi Kaim, Hunters Creek teacher and event director. 

“Through this program, Hunters Creek first and third graders learned about the sacrifice of our veterans and the importance of honoring them,” said Kaim. “They learned the history of our songs and musically, they learned how to sing beautifully as an ensemble and how to follow a conductor. I also want to thank Barrett Clark, a Memorial High band student who played Taps. It was truly a meaningful program all around!” 

Sherwood Elementary 

At Sherwood, the PTA was excited to plan a Veterans Day celebration. They invited veterans to assist during morning arrival, where they were recognized by students and staff for their military service. 

Veterans also introduced themselves and their military branches during the morning announcements. After the introductions, they were invited to the Sherwood library for kolaches and coffee. 

“As the daughter of a veteran, I understand the importance of Veterans Day and teaching our students the significance of their service,” said Kala McKnight, Sherwood counselor. 

Terrace Elementary 

At Terrace Elementary, veterans enjoyed breakfast, while being honored with an exciting program. Students performed 50 Nifty United States and Armed Forces Medley and The Inquisitive Mind of a Child, a poem highlighting the brave men and women who served. 

Fourth grade students wrote letters to veterans that were compiled in a booklet. All participating veterans received a copy and had the opportunity to read notes of appreciation for their service. 

“Thank you for keeping us safe and protecting us,” said Kacey, a fourth grade student. “Thank you for taking care of the world.” 

Students also participated in a procession through the halls of Terrace. SBISD Police walked  with their K-9 partners while students cheered with signs and banners. 

“This month our character trait is gratitude. This event shows our students the importance of being Empathetic and Self-Aware and grateful to those who have sacrificed their lives for our country,” said Eleana Vavasour, counselor at Terrace. 

Westwood Elementary 

The Westwood Lions were thrilled to honor veterans by hosting a parade where those who served in the armed forces were invited and honored. Students applauded them as they walked in their military uniforms. 

The veterans were also invited for a reception and had the opportunity to read letters from students thanking them for their sacrifice. 

“It is important for our students to celebrate Veterans Day not only to honor those who have served our country, but also to show their patriotism and love for our country,” said Marianne Elias, teacher and librarian at Westwood. “Through these celebrations, they also understand the value in their willingness to sacrifice their lives for the common good.” 

Woodview Elementary 

Students at Woodview Elementary were prepared to recognize veterans and those who continue to serve in the armed forces. Staff and students gathered photos of their parents, grandparents, siblings, and those who are or have been part of the military and proudly posted their photos throughout the school. 

“We are thankful for our veterans!” said Isabel Revelo, Woodview counselor. “Veterans Day is an opportunity for our students to learn about the sacrifice and dedication of these brave individuals.”  

Woodview also held a Veterans Day parade, where students excitedly waved their flags and banners. Additionally, fourth and fifth grade students expressed their gratitude through music by performing patriotic songs. 

Spring Branch Middle 

Spring Branch Middle held an assembly for every grade level honoring veterans for their service. Additionally, the Performing Arts Department collaborated with students to perform patriotic songs and poetry highlighting military service members. 

“We must continue to celebrate Veterans Day to remember, honor and thank those who have served or are currently serving our country,” said Marissa Richie, counselor at Spring Branch Middle. “We must never forget or take for granted the selfless sacrifice of those who serve and their families.”

Spring Forest Middle 

Students at Spring Forest honored veterans through an exciting program filled with musical performances. 

During the program, the Spring Forest band played a song for each respective branch of the military. Veterans were encouraged to stand up during the songs and be recognized. They waved to the crowd as the audience thanked them for their service. 

“It’s important to lead students through meaningful opportunities to engage the world around them and I couldn’t be prouder that celebrating the veterans in our community is our legacy at Spring Forest MS,” said Curtis George, principal at Spring Forest. “We’re grateful for the freedoms offered through the service of our military veterans.” 

Memorial High 

During morning announcements, broadcast students at Memorial High recognized those who have served in the military. 

The student council posted signs across the school celebrating veterans and thanking them for their service. The band also honored Veterans Day, as the trumpet players played Taps throughout the school. 

“Although Veterans Day is a time to honor living veterans that have served in the past or currently serve in the military, we play Taps to remember those who have already passed,” said Suzanne Scott, Memorial High Director of Bands. “It is important for our students to participate in these ceremonies to understand and recognize the huge sacrifice that veterans and military families make, so we can live in a free nation.”

Thank you to all veterans for your bravery, sacrifice and dedication to serving our country!

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