Principal's Message

Welcome to Spring Branch Middle School, my name is Stefanie Spencer. It is my honor to be named the new principal/lead learner of this campus. I come to you having served as a campus principal of two other campuses for a total of 13 years. I am just getting started here, have lots to learn and recognize that my role at this time is to ensure that the foundations of the work at Spring Branch Middle School can continue to flourish.  I am eager to get started.

To begin, I will be capitalizing on the strengths of our community- we have an active PTA, a dedicated, engaged and experienced staff, and students who come here to SBMS ready to use their time and talents towards opening up the possibilities of their own T24 trajectories. My job is to support that work and encourage all stakeholders to be persistent and focused in their efforts to ensure that SBMS completes the mission they set out to achieve: that students will be provided the building blocks to attain: Success Beyond Middle School. In all that we do, we will keep our vision for the future in our hearts and mind: SBMS will be a learning community that values differences and encourages high achievement in all students towards T-2-4 success. While I am new to this campus, I truly believe that the skills SBMS has properly identified the critical attributes of successful students.  In all that we do, we will be striving to ensure SBMS Bears adopt the tenets of punctuality, preparedness, politeness, productivity and positivity. A student with that kind of mindset is one who is prepared for a bright future that they command.

Moving forward, our community needs to be afforded the opportunity to get to know each other. My intent at this time is to look, listen, and learn the structures and processes of our school and begin to develop the relationships that will drive them. In the next week or two, I will send out dates for grade level coffees to occur at SBMS so that we can get to know one another. My hope is to host them after the holidays to give me proper time to begin to get to know our school, students and community. Until that time, please know that I am working very hard to honor the work being done at SBMS, identify what supports I can lend to ensure the school year continues to support students’ preparedness for the next grade level and become part of the Spring Branch Middle Bear community.

I appreciate the warm welcome I have received from those who I have had the privilege to meet. I look forward to many years as an SBMS Bear.