Math Team

Math team is an academic competition group for grades 6-8. Students go to competitions on Saturdays.  They compete in 4 different tests focused on number sense, calculator skills, general math, and science.  Students have practices after school on Wednesdays.  If you are interested in joining, contact Melanie Webb.

Student CouncilĀ 


National Junior Honor Society is an organization for outstanding students focused on bettering their communities.  To qualify, students need to have a 92.5 academic average or above and good conduct.  Students participate in various community service events at school and outside of school.  They must have 7.5 hours of community service each nine weeks.  

Book Club

Students participating in book club

Are you interested in joining a book club at SBMS?  Books clubs will be held during lunch and the books will be provided by the librarian.  Students commit to reading the book and meeting monthly for discussion.  Check with the librarian to find out more. 

Lego Club

The purpose of the club is to facilitate friendships around common interests.  In addition, students will learn collaborative play, following directions, and facilitate creativity.  If this sounds like something your student is interested in, we would love to have them!

Lego club will be held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays most months beginning Oct 18th in room 323 with Mrs. Easto.  Lego Club will dismiss at 4:25 pm.  Students can be picked up in the front of the school or can ride the late bus

 Lego Club Registration Form Required