Fine Arts


Students incorporate the elements of art and principles of design into their personal artwork.  Students study artistic periods and universal themes and beliefs present in the visual arts.

Kelley Clewis and Sarah Bello


Band and Orchestra

Students in orchestra choose one of the four basic instruments for study: violin, viola, cello, or string bass.  While students in band play a woodwind or brass instrument.

Through learning an instrument, students are expected to increase their working knowledge of music theory, history, and appreciation.  

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Band Director: 
Sheri Engelmann
Assistant Band Director:
Jennifer Dunn-Walsdorf
Orchestra Director:   
Cleo Miele


Students in the choir sing as a group and in smaller ensembles. Placement in one of the following ensembles is based upon an audition with the choir director taking into account student proficiency and interest as well as voicing requirements. Students increase singing skills through rehearsals and performances.

Kathleen Holder

Theater Arts

Students develop sensory use of the body and voice, experiment with imitative and interpretive movement, utilize acting concepts and skills, practice audience etiquette, and attend live theatrical events.

Amy Bruce