girl sprinting
football players take a knee and listen to coach
group girls basketball with coach

Football Coaches

8A and 8B Joshua Fuchs, Scott Singletary, and Trevor Johnson

7A and 7B Brian Jahn, Jonathan Cook, and Matt Boane


Boys 8 Akeem Perkins

Boys 7 Matt Boane

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8A and 8B Athena Varcados

8 Chenique Whitney and Jennifer Taylor

7A and 7B Marissa Richie

7 Akeem Perkins, Claire Beadle, and Lashunda Chase

Cross Country

Marissa Richie and Jennifer Taylor


Boys 8A Scott Singletary

Boys 8B1 and 8B2 Trevor Johnson

Boys 7A Joshua Fuchs

Boys 7B1 and 7B2 Brian Jahn

Girls 8A Akeem Perkins

Girls 8B Chenique Whitney

Girls 7A Jonathan Cook

Girls 7B Athena Varcados


Scott Singletary, Joshua Fuchs, Brian Jahn, Johnathan Cook, Chenique Whitney, and Marissa Richie